365 – 137

Kettle Popcorn I Love Love Love this kettle popcorn from the Farmer’s Market!  Tastes so good…I almost finished a whole bag by myself ^_^

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365 – 136

Experiencing my first Zumbathon with Beto PerezI couldn’t miss this for the world!  I experienced my first Zumbathon lead by the creator of Zumba Beto Perez…it was truly amazing his energy is unbelievable! 

Where I get the energy to dance???  I don’t know…but all I know is that even after a full day of work, I can leave work and go take a class and just dance dance dance into fitness!!!

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365 – 135

Goofy mom and daughter picI admit…from time to time I do step out of my shell and goof around with my daughter Isidra…super fun to just laugh it up even if we’re just making funny faces while drying our hair!  These moments are priceless!  I’m glad I captured the moment 🙂

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365 -134

A walk through the old neighborhood

I was taking a stroll back from the doctors in Noe Valley…so I decided to walk up to where my old house was…remember Dear Friend of mine?  I stood there across the street and remembered the many times I went up and down these front steps…how many times I fell walking down to the garage when it was damp out front from the fog ^_^ I remembered taking out the trash…or just sitting there watching cars go by….the old house on 22nd Street!  Fond memories…

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Day 50 – Zumba studio ready!

Mirrors up at the gym…time to ZUMBA!

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Day 49 – Ramen…it’s what’s for lunch!

On a cold rainy day…this is what’s for lunch!  A delicious Hot Ramen soup!  Yumm!

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Day 48 – Market Street, San Francisco

Beautiful rainy day!

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